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Title: IMPORTANT: RTC SDK and StreamSec 2.1
Post by: Henrick (StreamSec) on October 16, 2014, 11:22:29 AM
There are a few users who are still using ST 2.1 for the TLS plugin in
RTC SDK. Please note that this version supports fallback to SSL 3.0,
which might be a security concern, due to the recent POODLE attack.
While it is possible to disable SSL 3.0 support in ST 2.1 by only
enabling the AES cipher suites, please note that an upgrade to the
latest release of ST 2.2 (StrSecII 2.0) is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

The upgrade from ST 2.1 to ST 2.2 is not free, except for customers
with active support agreements or subscriptions. Order it here:
http://www.streamsec.com/index.php?id=orderstrsecii (cost EUR99).